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Re: Musings about 1.25 meters

On Sun, 3 Feb 2002, Marc Holdwick wrote:

> Several people have commented that 220 is not an international band and is
> not allocated for Amateur Satellite use.
> Agreed, a satellite cannot TRANSMIT on 220 MHz, but is is possible to
> prohibit a command RECEIVER on that band?

Unfortunately I think it is.  As soon as you transmit to a satellite, you
are no longer operating in the amateur radio service but are now operating
in the amsateur satellite service. Such operation on 220 is not within the
rules for that service.. I think...

Now this does not prohibit one from putting a 220 receiver on the bird as
a monitoring device, say to survey the world use of 220 band and report
those results to the ground, because in this case, the people aon the
gorund are not transmitting to the satellite...

It is the intent of the operation that must fit within the rules.. I

de WB4APR, Bob

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