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RE: 10,000th SETI Workunit Milestone

KC7ZRUI said:

> Congratulations and welcome to the club!
> http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_3284.html
> Results received 488440
> "Tom Clark (W3IWI)" wrote:
> >
> > Congratulations to Mark, N8MH on passing the auspicious 10,000
> unit mark on
> > SETI@HOME (S@H).

Congrats as both club's SETI@Home analysis efforts are impressive, as well
as all of the results of the entire SETI@Home project. However, while
impressive, the SETI@Home experience only represents a tiny tip of a leg
hair of a flea who lives on the SETI dog.  That is, finding and verifying a
SETI signal is a momentous task compounded by several interrelated
dimensions (I think there are eight) including time, frequency, and sky
location. Collecting and analyzing enough data from those dimensions to have
a representative SETI search sample that we can infer whether ET is
transmitting is a tremendous task and will take quiet some time; endeavors
such as SETI@Home and The SETI League provide just a few of the preliminary
building blocks of an effort. (That is while the tip of that flea leg hair
is interesting, we need to see about 10-15 percent of what the dog looks
like.) Perhaps our ability to undertake such a sky survey and to understand
the data is a passive rite of initiation into celestial communication club
(i.e. ham license)? (Where's an Elmer when you need him?)

The team efforts of SETI@Home and others deserve lots of credit, but we have
a long, long way to go. (I touch a little on the challenge of this
fascinating statistical problem in an article that will appear in the
Mar/Apr issue of The AMSAT Journal.) In the meantime, I urge AMSAT members
to get involved in SETI@Home as it is fun, a humbling experience, and
closely relates to and benefits our amateur satellite experience.


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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