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Musings about 1.25 meters

Hello out there,

The following are just some things I've been wondering about and thought
maybe someone with more experience would be able to give me some feedback
on. Recently I was given an old but functional 220 band transceiver. I soon
learned however that the band is nearly empty in my area, and the repeaters
appear to be AWOL.. (I even went to the site of one only to find it half
destroyed and missing, and abandoned.. That's another story all together
however!). I don't know how the band is in other areas, but here it's rather

Now, I don't claim to understand exactly why the bands for Satellite uplinks
and downlinks were chosen, but is there a reason why 220 wasn't included? I
read in the magazines that we should all be using this band so we don't lose
it. Is there a reason why we shouldn't make a case for having this band
opened up for satellite use? It seems perfect.. Low use and so I'm assuming
less QRM from terrestrial users, and it's higher in frequency then 2 meters
(albeit not much..). Perhaps we could make a case for having this band used
for the more out-of-the-ordinary satellite experiments that some of us seem
upset about having in our 2M and 70cm bands such as the Mars sat. Perhaps we
could have a portion dedicated to APRS sats.. (Which makes me wonder.. Is
there an agreed upon 220 APRS frequency like 144.390?).

Of course, I don't know that this band is available across the globe, so
perhaps putting sats on that band would cause interference in other
countries or something. I guess that's why I'm asking the people who know..
Let me know what you think

Jason White

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