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RE: 10,000th SETI Workunit Milestone

Congratulations to Mark, N8MH on passing the auspicious 10,000 unit mark on
SETI@HOME (S@H). If you are interested in the standings of the 141
contributors to Team AMSAT on S@H, take a look at

Let me point out some other significant happenings on S@H:

1. The 3 "top guns" (WB5TUF, N4OUT and WB1BQE) have swapped places. A month
ago, the order was BQE, OUT, TUF; but Al, WB1BQE hasn't had access to as
much computing power lately and he was overtake by Robin, N4OUT in
mid-January thanks to Robin cranking out ~55 work units/day. The Glenn,
WB5TUF won the battle a week later by cranking out ~110 work units/day.

2. If you look at the total work units contributed by the 141 members of
Team AMSAT, we will pass the 250,000 work unit mark tonight. This represents
about 428 years of CPU cycles contributed by the 141 members at an average
~15 hours/work unit.

3. Last week, AMSAT established itself solidly at position #100 among all
teams/groups/ companies/schools as you can see at
I think you will find it interesting to take a look at the teams in the 99
positions ahead of AMSAT.

4. It was only last April that I set up Team AMSAT on S@H -- we have
achieved this tremendous effort in less than 9 months!

5. In the next AMSAT Journal, Russ, K5NRK will have an article that may help
you to decode what some of the numbers reported on your individual
contributions to S@H really mean.

I'd encourage others to joint Team AMSAT and contribute your spare CPU
cycles to the effort. Go to the S@H home page at
http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ and click on DOWNLOAD S@H and get an
appropriate version of the software. Install this software and when you
logon, pick a suitable user name (many of us use our call) and provide your
Email address (or @amsat.org alias). Then you can join Team AMSAT so that
your work units contribute to the cause. If you are already a S@H
contributor, please consider contributing your work units to the team.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what the amateur satellite
program really is -- In setting up Team AMSAT on S@H, I had to come up with
a brief, 40 word description about who/what we are. Does this fit?
  "Radio amateurs have built more than 40 OSCARs (Orbiting
   Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio) and hardware flying
   on the Shuttle, MIR and Space Station.
   The Titanic was built by professionals; we are amateurs
   in the proud tradition of the Wright Bros."

73 de Tom, W3IWI

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