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RE: CQ South America (donde esta LU, CE, y OA)

> > Tonight, from 0100 to 0130 utc, AO-10 will cover most of N.A.
> What a waste of time that was.  I called CQ for about 20 minutes,
> no takers.  So I scanned up and down the band for a few minutes.
> I heard only one QSO.

Please take this with humor....(tongue in cheek, etc)

Maybe its all the new interloper quasi-amateur satellites who have
consumed all our Satellite bandwidth and are sucking up our electrons.

Actually, I really should appologize for some of the rhetoric of my
previous post, since when I re-read it coming back to me on amsat-bb, it
did appear a little pedantic, shrill, and unnecessarily inflamitory...
I thank those of you who wrote me off-list and suggested I take a break...

but if we dont use our satellite bandwidth, we all know that others will
and so I think we all share these same concerns, but we all just have
different opinions about how to fix it.


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