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Re: Amateur Satellites (definition?)

On Sat, 2 Feb 2002, Terry Bendell wrote:

> I read with great interest your "Remote" experiments. Let me share with
> you a developing project we have going here along similar lines.
> Living on the Shore near a part of the great lakes I was taken with the
> idea of designing and building an inexpensive self-contained
> amateur radio equipped bouy. Equipped with APRS, GPS, Temperature
> and wind direction/speed sensors.

There is an unpublished low power uplink receiver on PCsat for just this
purpose... (see the published PCsat mission)  we have been hoping someone
would launch an experimental ocean buoy and let us all track it by PCsat,
ISS, UO-22 or any of the other digital relays in space. One could make
sometihng that would last a year on just a few lbs of batteries or
indefinately on solar panels.

Taking safety to boaters into accout, of course...


> It Would be a neat way to track currents, and provide interested
> hams the ability to plot/predict its journey as well as taking
> advantage of the many APRS stations able to Relay its low power
> signal. Indeed it would be neat if it could operate with PCSAT
> or similar device during daylight hours. Batteries, solar Cells,
> Antennas and even simple 1 Watt Radios could be constructed
> to operate in this "Enviorment"
> The whole package would be smaller then a "Bleach" Bottle and
> run partly submerged.
> 73
> Terry
> >Indeed!  I'd say that 70 percent of my use of Amateur Radio involves
> >communication with nothing more than some kind of remote platform that I
> >communicate with for the purpose of satisfying my own educational thirst.
> >For example, a couple years ago I built my own Earth-bound satellite
> >platform just to see if I could do it.  My goal was to get at least a 1
> >percent flavor of what it is like to build, use and control a real
> >satellite.  It included an ATV camera transmitter, a few weather instruments
> >(as if such were any value in the real outer space environment) and several
> >other scientific experiments.  I used solar power and in the end tried to
> >emulate a completely self contained package.  Am I ready for the real
> >thing....heck no...but it was fun and I learned a ton about power management
> >and bi-directional remote control .  I never one time ever communicated with
> >any other Ham operator with this package.
> Gary Memory, N7BRJ/DA1BRJ
> >

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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