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Re: Amateur Satellites (definition?)

Some time back before Scientific American stopped running the Amateur 
Scientist column and I stopped reading it, they had an article on this 
very subject, and it specifically focused on amateur radio and APRS 
telemetry.  I don't think the editor went as far as relaying signals by 
way of a LEO hamsat, but it's an obvious step in the evolution, and if 
you can carry enough energy on board to power the instruments and 
telemetry for a while, it would be interesting to see its track as it 
drifted.  I think it would certainly provide some useful data on current 
in the Great Lakes, especially if you could retrieve it and refurbish it 
for multiple launches ..

On Saturday, February 2, 2002, at 02:13 PM, Terry Bendell wrote:

> Hi Gary,
> I read with great interest your "Remote" experiments.
> Let me share with you a developing project we have going here along
> similar lines.
> Living on the Shore near a part of the great lakes I was taken with the
> idea of designing and building an inexpensive self-contained
> amateur radio equipped bouy. Equipped with APRS, GPS, Temperature
> and wind direction/speed sensors.
> It Would be a neat way to track currents, and provide interested
> hams the ability to plot/predict its journey as well as taking
> advantage of the many APRS stations able to Relay its low power
> signal. Indeed it would be neat if it could operate with PCSAT
> or similar device during daylight hours. Batteries, solar Cells,
> Antennas and even simple 1 Watt Radios could be constructed
> to operate in this "Enviorment"
> The whole package would be smaller then a "Bleach" Bottle and
> run partly submerged.
> 73
> Terry

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                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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