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Amateur Satellites (definition?)

In response to private emails, let me appologize to
> These... shack-potatoes that decry every noble effort that does not
> bring them personal gratification to their own definition of the
> hobby...

I did not mean to point any fingers whatsoever..

The point I was trying to make was that just because an amateur satellite
does not have a user transponder, does not then by definition make the
satellite NON AMATEUR in the context of the ITU rules.  (see OSCAR 1).

As long as a licensed HAM, no matter how associated with the project,
signs up to be responsible for the operation of the satellite within the
rules of the ITU satellite service, then it is an amateur satellite no
matter who builds it or who pays for it.  You can complain all you want
about what he does with this satellite and how he parts his hair, but if
it meets the ITU rules, then it is an amateur satellite.

Just because I put a commercially built, Profit motivated YeaComWOOD
radio on the air each time I push my PTT button, does not make the radio
and my operation NON AMATEUR and/or illegal.

If you want someone elses amateur satellite to do something else, then it
will be more productive if you team up with what ever resources you can
pull together, form a team and build your own... then try to kill other
people's projects and ideas with your opinions...

There is PLENTY of bandwidth in the amateur satellite service.  Why do we
have to have such bloody fights over every HZ and new idea?

We don't have enough amateur satellites NOR enough amateur satellite users
in a shrinking hobby to spend our precious time bickering over every
inituitive that somone makes to try to get us something up there to play
with.  And when I say "play" there is such a thing as 'receiving neat
stuff"... which is part of the hobby too...

Yes, I decry interlopers on any segment of the amateur spectum and will
richeously and indignantly fight such interlopers... but I simply ask that
we not trounce on everyone with an idea for an amateur satellite and so
belligerantly demean their efforts that we loose resources that could be
our alies...

I have no idea what I am talking about relative to any particular
satellite, and will probably eat these words....  The recent examples may
be pure interlopers for all I konw, but I just don't like to see all the
divisive criticisim on each and every new hint of a satellite idea... that
might bring new blood, youth and interest (and new toys) to our hobby...

Its hard enough building an amateur satellite without having naysayers
constantly nipping at your ankles... especially when one properly placed
naysayer at the right place and time, can kill years of work and an entire
satellite program...

Remember, 99.8% of the population has no clue what the amateur satellite
service is or what HAM radio is all about.  That means that 99.8% of all
the officials, and bureaucrats along the road to launch of even the most
perfect AMATEUR satellite, have orders of magnitudes of power to kill any
amateur satellite project simply because a naysayer gets to him first...

Trust your fellow HAM to do the right thing..
Or do it yourself and lead by example...

de WB4APR, Bob

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