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Icom 910H Opinions - Summary

 First, thanks to all who replied with their opinions on the
Icom 910h sat rig.  Opinions were very mixed, to say the least.
The Eham.net reviews would certainly scare a person away from
the radio, or at least give one a serious reason to pause on the purchase.
  And yet, several users emailed me with nothing but the highest praise
for the radio.  The main problem seemed to be with oscillator stability -
some users experienced rigs being off frequency,  and suceptability to
intermod.  Sort of sounds like a pll lockup problem I've seen in some
older Icoms.  A couple users commented that when they installed the
tcxo option, all the problems went away.
  Operationally,  no one had any bad words to say.  One little nit-pick
some had was that there was no way to lock out individual channels from
memory scan - no biggie for me,  but would probably be important for those
who scan repeater frequencies.
  All in all,  comments were favourable enough to lean me toward the 910.
If I have trouble,  will get it corrected or replaced.  Not the kind of thing
you want to deal with in a new radio,  but to Icom's credit,  it is a fairly
new design,  and they are at least keeping the satellite operators in mind.
It offers the features I'm looking for - the Icom CI-V interface, high power
output,  high speed packet.

Thanks again for all your emails,  and I welcome others to continue with
their comments here on amsat-bb.

Rich, KA8OKH

Rich Dailey, KA8OKH - Phyllis Dailey, KB4NPI
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