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the news media...

Dan wrote:
> Why does the press fawn over a group of students building a cubesat, but
> when a worldwide group of hams raises a couple of million dollars out of
> pocket to build a highly capable satellite almost the size of a compact
> car nobody gives a  hoot.....

Obviously these groups do have very good press departments and/or good
connections to journalists etc...

It is very hard these days to get much attention without the above.
Just sending a press release or other information to various newspapers
or news agencies won't help unless you have connections to those who
actually publish (journalists) or decide what's getting published..
Even getting with AO-40 news on http://www.slashdot.org is good luck...
Once you get into the cycle, indeed other news agencies will read that
too and may jump on the train...

We need to find people within our AMSAT organizations which are journalists,
good writers and which have necessary connections..

It is always amusing to see what's getting written about this or that satellite
and to find out that the claimed "fist" was already done by AMSAT many many
years ago..  

73s Peter DB2OS

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