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Starshine is silent

To all,
Starshine 3 has been silent since January 9.  We have had long stretches of 
silence before so we were hoping that it would recover.  Unfortunately it 
hasn't happened.  The systems that we monitor (power and temperature) showed 
no sign of trouble before we lost contact.  We looked for a frequency shift 
(using a spectrum analyser) for several days and saw nothing.  So it appears 
that Starshine has stopped transmitting.  

We have very few control options for Starshine.  Our command set consists of 
turning the transmitter on or off and changing the interval between packets.  
We are going to try to send a command next week (~Feb. 8) to turn Starshine 
off for a few weeks.  I will put a message up on the web site and on the 
AMSAT-bb when we do.

Phil kc8srg

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