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RE: PCsat in the news media

Hi Dan and others:

>some comment deleted for brevity <

> Why does the press fawn over a group of students building a cubesat, but
> when a worldwide group of hams raises a couple of million dollars out of
> pocket to build a highly capable satellite almost the size of a compact
> car nobody gives a  hoot.....
> Just something to think about.
> Dan Schultz N8FGV

Great question; and while I don't have the answer, for what its worth here
are a few personal comments:

- While hard to believe, for some strange reason CNN, et.al. also missed the
Wright Brother's first flight at Kitty Hawk (I do think Fox News was

- Also, don't confuse the news of good accomplishments with the news of
emotional and feel goods of "our children" doing grown up things. (For
example, that is why we always can get press coverage on ARISS school
contact. Compare that to my wife rolling her eyes whenever she hears a bunch
of old nerds talking about satellites.)

- AMSAT executed an extensive Phase 3D/AO-40 pubic awareness campaign that
did not resonant with the non-ham media; we will continue to employ
different strategies in future endeavors in attempt to crack this nut. I
cannot answer why but only suggest that we measure the satisfaction of our
accomplishments via the joy we get from participating our unique hobby.

- Yea PCSat!  Good on ya Bob and others! Long may you fly and please make us
some more!


Russ Tillman, K5NRK
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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