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Re: PCsat in the news media

Why does the press fawn over a group of students building a cubesat, but
when a worldwide group of hams raises a couple of million dollars out of
pocket to build a highly capable satellite almost the size of a compact
car nobody gives a  hoot.....

Hello Dan.

The flip side of course is to think about what the coverage would have 
looked liked given the "events" that AO-40 went through.

Having said that PCSAT is in my opinion "something" quite extroadinary.  Its 
a group of protoadults learning how to build spacecraft and doing it about 
like the old OSCAR's were done AND IT WORKING.

We should have more PCSATs.  I wish that a substantial part of the NASA 
budget (say 500 million or so) would go to endowing launchers and "spots" 
for a lot of cubesats.  Indeed there is a senior senator on the Commerce 
committee who thinks PCSAT is something worth doing on a nationwide 
scale....college, even high school.


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