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Re: Satellite EQX calculation ?


I recieved several replies at my request if there are some programs ore easy 
ways to calculate the EQX of an satellite.

Many thanks :-)

There is an program SATSCAN 2, but the problem is that it is only to get 
after paying a high price. Not very efficient for just only an way to find 
out EQX.

Second, I got several messages that there has been published ways to 
calculate the EQX , in AMSAT-DL in the 80'ties.
This is all before my time of active radio amateur !!!

This problem I earlier had with the BPSK modem system. Its an very good 
system and many things have been published, but for all the new-commers this 
is all inreachable, or even unknown.

Often I am very sad to see an very good system beeing forgoten, or just got 
out of attention by time, and new-commers miss all these often vital 
information. As example I can give the 1200BPSK system. The sats still work 
in BPSK, but no PCBs are available anymore. How we will get newcomers on 
BPSK-sats ?
Ofcourse this is just one of the many examples.

Now I will try to find a way to get this 22 years old magazine with these 
formulas, or a copy of it :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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