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Nova vs SatPC question?

Recently, I took the opportunity to download the demo version of 
SatPc32.  I compared it to Nova and found that there was a significant 
difference in squint angles readings between the two programs.  Sometime as 
much as 50 degrees or more with SatPc32 always being the highest.

For my little test, I used the same Keplerian elements for AO-40, squint 
angle information (ALON 298, Alat 0) and of course the same location 
data.  Since both programs are running on the same computer, time was 
identical.  The azimuth, elevation, range, MA, etc., were all identical, 
with the exception of the squint angles.  Nova might display 35 degrees, 
while SatPC32 was showing 82 degrees.  They didn't always stay proportional 
to each other either.  I also attempted running the program individually, 
and on two different computers and still got the same results.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a reasonable explanation for 
it?  Which one is correct?

Basic observations of the two program is that each of these programs has 
their good points, in which I liked the built in tuner capabilities of 
SatPC32, but to me Nova is much easier program to use.  Entering squint 
information into SatPC32 is a bear for some, as it requires editing the 
Squint.SQF file manually each time you want to change it.  Several friends 
of mine have had to call me asking how to edit and setup some of SatPC32's 
critical files, as they crashed the program while trying to modify the 
squint file.  The program is easily crashed by mis-editing the Squint file.

73, Bob HL2/KK4UZ

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