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Re: PCsat in the news media

Probably the $50,000 the students spent seems within reach and reality of 
many of the people the press serves, and the fact that it was highly 
successful feeds the story...

Whereas a "couple of million" dollars spent on AO-40 sounds like just another 
corporate or government project....and the fact that it went awry took away 
it's success story and stiffled the publicity



In a message dated 01/31/2002 9:06:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
n8fgv@AMSAT.Org writes:

<< Why does the press fawn over a group of students building a cubesat, but
 when a worldwide group of hams raises a couple of million dollars out of
 pocket to build a highly capable satellite almost the size of a compact
 car nobody gives a  hoot.....
 Just something to think about.
 Dan Schultz N8FGV >>
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