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Re: First-Hand Information abt. MAROC-TUBSAT

Norbert, DF5DP, wrote:

>Today I found the phone number of Prof. Renner at Technical University
>Berlin (TUB), Germany, who is the head of the TUBSAT team. I called him
>phone and got the information I give below:
>MAROC-TUBSAT is a joint project of TUB and a Moroccan group at Rabat.
>group was responsible for the choice of frequencies. They told him,
>they were radio amateurs, and the frequencies were OK and coordinated.
>relyed on their word.

>He again told me, that the Moroccan group told him, that they were
>amateurs, and all this was OK within the rules of amateur radio. The
head of
>the Moroccan group is a high-rank General in the King's staff. His name
>Benslimane. Callsign is unknown to TUB.
>I'd like to emphasize, that Prof. Renner spoke with me in a very
>constructive and agreeable way. He several times said, that he
obviously was
>bad-advised and he regrets the problems caused to the radio amateurs.
>feels very sorry about this.

A fellow who is in the business of selling satellites to other
countries' governments ought to know at least a few rudimentary things
about licensing their transmitters with proper authorities.

I'm a radio amateur, and  I work in the Hubble Space Telescope control
center. Does that make it OK for NASA to downlink Hubble data on ham
radio frequencies because they have a ham working on their staff?

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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