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Re: PCsat in the news media

Various people wrote:

>There was a nice article and picture of PCSAT in the local
>newspaper a few days ago. IT came from AP also.

>Nice article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch here this morning
>about PCSAT. It occupied three columns, two thirds page
>length each, with a drawing of PCSAT and a photo of you and
>three others. Nice article.

>A article about PCsat is posted on the CNN.com space news.

I don't mean to take anything away from Bob and the PCsat group, but how
come when AO-40 was launched, there was ZERO mention of it in ANY mass
media (outside of the ham radio specialized media). Where was CNN and AP
when we launched AO-40? Why was that project considered unworthy of
press coverage in the mainstream news media?

Why does the press fawn over a group of students building a cubesat, but
when a worldwide group of hams raises a couple of million dollars out of
pocket to build a highly capable satellite almost the size of a compact
car nobody gives a  hoot.....

Just something to think about.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

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