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Special Bulletin AO-40

ANS is pleased to report that the GPS experiment on AO-40 has undergone 
successful testing. This experiment supplied and sponsored by NASA, is to 
determine if it is possible to get positional data outside of the GPS ring of 

There are two GPS receivers on AO-40, the A receiver  for receiving signals 
around apogee and the B receiver for signal reception around perigee. Both 
receivers are operational, and Data is passed from the receivers through the 
RUDAK to the S-band transmitter.

Jim White WD0E, has been the AMSAT coordinator and chief operator for this 
activity, reports that "we received a signal on the apogee receiver from 
about 52 Thousand Kilometres out with good signal levels, further data is 
being gathered and those downloaded so far are being analysed.

Frank Bauer KA3HDO, AMSAT-VP Human Spaceflight Programs, and  instrumental in 
setting up the GPS experiment, said "If this experiment goes the way I 
expect, it will revolutionise the way we use GPS in Space. Many future HEO 
spacecraft will be able to take advantage of GPS for autonomous navigation 
and stationkeeping".

AMSAT President Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, was delighted with the news of the 
GPS success, and commented that "It is great to be able to help our friends 
at NASA. Testing this experiment has been a long time in coming, and we were 
worried that radiation may have damaged the GPS receivers. Now at last we 
have a very positive result from this important experiment."

Stay tuned to ANS for further details as they become available.

ANS Editor Dan James (N0DJ@amsat.org)
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