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RUDAK WOD software need met


To my great surprise a whole bunch of folks stepped up and provided fully 
or partially working programs to decode the RUDAK WOD.  My thanks to all of 
them.  I had no idea there were that many out there lurking just waiting 
for a chance to contribute with some code :-)

At the present time Paul, KB5MU, has provided a slick DOS based application 
that works off a command line and will be great for use within .bat 
files.  Mike Kingery has done a very nice VB application to which he may 
add plotting capability (VB is great for things like that).  And John 
Melton has done one in Java that will be nicely portable.  We will be 
posting those to amsat-bb in the next few days so they will be available to 
all for general use.

Thanks to all the other folks who hacked away for a few hours and produced 

At this point there is only one additional WOD file from RUDAK-A and I'll 
put it on my web site in the next few hours.  I've also posted there a 
quickly done chart of the nearly full orbit of CAN node temps collected a 
couple of days ago.  You can find them at www.coloradosatellite.com, follow 
the link to AO-40 RUDAK.  As pass availability and time in the 
testing/commissioning process allow I hope to do other WOD collections over 
the next week or so and will make those files available.

Again, thanks to Paul, Mike and John for their fast and accurate work, and 
to the 5 or 6 others who also jumped in.

Jim, WD0E

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