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Programmer needed for RUDAK WOD

Programmer needed to help with RUDAK telemetry.

Looking for someone with some windows programming experience to quickly 
write a small application to decode and display whole orbit data (WOD) 
collected by AO-40 RUDAK.  Must be experienced and be able to work without 
much guidance.

I've placed on my web site a file called WD051300.  It's a binary file 
containing one orbit worth of temperature data from the CAN/LAN sensors on 
AO-40.  I need someone to write a little application to do the following:
-       Read in that file
-       Extract the information in the header which includes the start 
time, end time, number of channels, list of channels
-       Read in the RUDCOEFX file (also on my web site) which contains the 
coefficients used to turn the binary numbers into degrees C
-       Do the math to calculate the engineering units (in this case they 
are all degrees C)
-       Output a comma separated text file containing on each line the time 
stamp and the values for each channel.  That file can then be read into a 
spread sheet program for graphing and analysis.

This is about a 1/2 day job for an experienced programmer.  I just don't 
have time to do it and meet other obligations at the same time.  It's your 
chance to contribute in an meaningful way to the AO-40 effort.  This data 
is of immediate interest because it has not been looked at since launch 
except occasionally in real time.  Dick Jansson, WD4FAB, is the immediate 
customer.  However the WOD facility can be used to store data for all 
telemetry on the satellite and this program should be flexible enough to 
extract that data and create the output file.  The resulting program will 
become public domain and be available to anyone for use once RUDAK becomes 

Interested folks should just go do it.  The files are at 
www.coloradosatellite.com.  Follow the link to AO-40 RUDAK, then the link 
to the RUDCOEF file and the WOD file.  There is a brief explanation of the 
file format there along with the files.  Sorry, I just can't spend a lot of 
time coaching on this effort.  If you can do it with the information on the 
web site I'd be delighted to see your results.  The temps should be in the 
range of about +10 to +20 degrees C except for two of them which were bad 
prior to launch and will be a large number.  If you don't quite have enough 
experience to crank this one out there will be other opportunities.

Jim White

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