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VUCC submission

Since Mahana, W5BTS, got her VUCC award, i have received many 
messages from those that are interested in also applying for VUCC.

First, let me point you at the ARRL website where you must download the 
application and read the rules. http://www.remote.arrl.org/awards/vucc/

Next, you must prepare a worksheet to submit. This can be a computer 
printout with the following :

You may add any additional fields you like after these but these must be the 
first two fields. The entries must be sorted in GRID order. AA00 first and 
ZZ99 last.

Include a check made out to the ARRL for $10 for your certificate, pin and to 
get your worksheets back. Include 2 units of postage for the ARRL Awards 
Manager to forward your application and worksheets to the ARRL. Include 
adequate postage for the Awards Manager to return your QSL cards to you.

If you think you are going to try and get  #100 you better have connections 
somewhere. Why? Because Manaha sent in her application 5-6 weeks ago. I 
personally checked N5AFV's cards and sent on his application about 3 
weeks ago. #97 was issued either the same day or the day after Mahana's 
(Jan 11). So if N5AFV gets #98, there are only two to go assuming no one 
else has sent in for the application in the last 5-6 weeks.

If you can't find an Awards Manager in your area, feel free to send them on to 
me. I'd be happy to check them. On the ARRL web page i sited earlier in this 
message, there is a complete list of Awards Managers.

Good Luck


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