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Drake Power Feed


I put together a circuit a couple of years ago when I had some Drakes to
sell (NO, I HAVEN'T GOT ANY LEFT). Less than $1 of components and, if you
are careful, it fits in a *plastic* cigar tube. More or less the same 
circuit someone put on the -bb a couple of days ago but with component
values and coil-winding data. Building this on a thin piece of matrix
board is a piece of cake.

Since people are talking about this now I thought I'd share it with you all
so I've put it on the Amsat-UK web site. Big image: all of 7K. Surf to
<http://www.uk.amsat.org/elsewhere.html> and its right at the bottom of
the page. Or use the home page link to "other sites of interest" (or 
something like that).

(Sorry to use the word "bottom" it's not meant as a profanity)  :)))

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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