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RE: XML and radio [was:Re: Sick to death]

Why not use something that is more standardized and works uniformly cross
platforms/OS?  I wrote my FT-890 control program using C on a Radio Shack
Color Computer running OS9 ("tiny UNIX" type system).  I later ported it to
an MS-DOS and then to Windows with almost no changes.  I think the only
changes were because of the size of the integer data type.  It's 8-bit on a
Color Computer and 16-bit on a PC.  I have a friend who's using the same
program on a MAC with no modifications.  All he had to do is compile it.  If
you are careful and don't use any fancy, machine-dependant function calls
you can write code that works anywhere.

How do you like your 847?  I'm getting ready to make the big purchase soon.
I wish it had an internal tuner like the 890.  What I DO like about it is
separate antenna connections for HF/6m/2m/70cm -- NO DUPLEXERS!


Kevin, WB5RUE

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> Subject: XML and radio [was:Re: Sick to death]
> I'm so glad we stopped talking about operating systems. As we
> all know, software
> has nothing whatsoever to do with amateur satellite radio. :-)
> Ok, with that little barb aside, I'm making slow but steady
> progress on my
> FT-847 program. the basic tuning functions are working, and a
> rudimentary
> band-scan-and-plot function is working. This initial work has
> revealed that my
> object model is in serious need of revision, so I'll spin
> wheels for a little
> while refactoring that stuff.
> But this question has surfaced: Has anyone encountered XML
> standards for
> representing radio channels, tranceiver control protocols,
> satellite orbital
> elements or the like?
> The program (which I'm calling JHamTune until sombody invents
> a catchier name)
> will have a band/bandplan/channel database, navigated with a
> tree control. I'm
> hoping to be able to represent several different views on the
> data (frequency
> domain, mode domain, geographic domain, etc.) and include the
> ability to channel
> the radio for services like FM repeaters, packet networks,
> and satellites.
> PREDICT can serve as the tracking engine, and ultimately I'd
> like to incorporate
> rotor control too, as well as audio logging, voice keyer and
> DSP functions
> though the Java Media API. Maybe even implement some of the
> easier digital modes
> with software modems.
> But I'm interested in not reinventing any wheels in the realm of data
> structures. Preliminary web searches haven't turned up
> anything applicable
> yet.
>   73 de Maggie K3XS
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