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XML and radio [was:Re: Sick to death]

"Kevin Muenzler, WB5RUE" wrote:

> Tell me this, since you have basically outlawed guns in Australia have gun
> related crimes stopped?

I'm so glad we stopped talking about operating systems. As we all know, software
has nothing whatsoever to do with amateur satellite radio. :-)

Ok, with that little barb aside, I'm making slow but steady progress on my
FT-847 program. the basic tuning functions are working, and a rudimentary
band-scan-and-plot function is working. This initial work has revealed that my
object model is in serious need of revision, so I'll spin wheels for a little
while refactoring that stuff.  

But this question has surfaced: Has anyone encountered XML standards for
representing radio channels, tranceiver control protocols, satellite orbital
elements or the like?
The program (which I'm calling JHamTune until sombody invents a catchier name)
will have a band/bandplan/channel database, navigated with a tree control. I'm
hoping to be able to represent several different views on the data (frequency
domain, mode domain, geographic domain, etc.) and include the ability to channel
the radio for services like FM repeaters, packet networks, and satellites.
PREDICT can serve as the tracking engine, and ultimately I'd like to incorporate
rotor control too, as well as audio logging, voice keyer and DSP functions
though the Java Media API. Maybe even implement some of the easier digital modes
with software modems. 

But I'm interested in not reinventing any wheels in the realm of data
structures. Preliminary web searches haven't turned up anything applicable

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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