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RE: Sick to death of the Linux vs Windows debate

>Just can't resist this one.....
>In Australia several years ago we had (what I believe to be) the largest
>mass slaughter of people in any single incident in Tasmania.  This caused a
>significant change to our laws relating to the owning of handguns and
>rifles.  It is now acknowledged that an average person does not need to own
>these offensive weapons (like offensive language).
>Why is someone so opposed to distasteful language so proud to own firearms
>and infact seems to encourage his children to become involved with them
>Me thinks there is a forked tongue in the Texas woods.

Take it from a man who used to develop neat-o ASW weapons for
the navy, and whose father is a retired army colonel.

Words can be offensie, but War IS obscene.

And Ye-Haw, I live in Texas too! Soory, had to do 
that. That was my last response, this thread is way 
off topic.
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