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LEO's and their ilk

Sorry this if off (offensive language) topic but an issue came up at work
the other day that made me wonder.

We installed some MCL Ku transmitters and, because of their performance
history, decided to burn them in before putting traffic on them. One
transmitter is in the dummy load and the other is radiating on the antenna
(7 meter).

I dropped the dish to about 7.5 degrees el and 90 degrees az. This points
the dish away from the GEO sats but what about the LEOs? I guess that they
are generally all in the 7-800 mile elevation range?

My question: one of my co-workers was adamant that radiating at this angle
would cause damage to any LEO out there in the path. My thinking is that
they use directive antennas and would be pointing towards the earth. The
coverage would be small due to elevation, unlike the GEOs who cover about
1/3 the globe at a time (potentially). Even they are running mostly spot or
hemi beams now to allow spectrum re-use. I think the possibility of
interference is extemely remote.

Additionaly, do they use Ku band or C or ?????? Because I am so stubborn I
am looking for facts to either support true wisdom (myself, of course) or

Anyone have ideas?

John Wilcox  NS1Z
871 Route 120
Rumford, ME  04276-3836
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