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S Band installation


I've been reading with interest the type of antennas people are using for
the S Band downlink. For various reasons my own permanent S Band
installation has been delayed somewhat, but I'm now in a position to
re-address this.

I think I'm going to struggle putting up a dish of any sort in the short
term - there's just no room on my roof! I can however get an S Band Helix

Now some are using, seemingly somewhat successfully, only a helix on the S
Band downlink.

I've tried a couple of times out on the roof 'portable' but have yet to
receive anything - although the setup I was using was less than optimal: no
preamp, questionable antenna.

Well I now have a DB6NT preamp and a Wimo 30 turn helix.

Time's not been on my side over the past few weeks, so I haven't had a
recent opportunity to try again. In addition, my sortie's to the roof have
to be limited and planned - so as not to upset the neighbors!

My question is am I likely to be able to hear AO-40, and even hopefully
decode telemetry with a 16db gain helix? Or am I totally out of the ball

73 Howard G6LVB

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