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RE: OT - LONG reply to: Sick to death of the Linux vs Windows debate

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> Just can't resist this one.....
> In Australia several years ago 


> It is now acknowledged that an average person does 
> not need to own these offensive weapons (like 
> offensive language).

Offensive in the hands of a criminal, defensive in the hands 
of a citizen.  Would you now say that the word F+@k is a
defensive word ???  <grin>

> Why is someone so opposed to distasteful language so 
> proud to own firearms and infact seems to encourage 
> his children to become involved with them also.

First, our crime rate has been falling and continues to fall.
This is a phenomenon seen in areas where men are not
only allowed, but also encouraged, to defend their family,
homes, and country.  The crime rate reports out of
Australia sound like something from the 1930s gangster
movies in America.  If gun control works so well, why
is that?

Next, there have always been guns in my family.  From my
earliest memories of my father as a policeman in Chicago,
to my 20 years in the military, and to now, there have always
been guns.  The only problems are when people have 
a curiosity about them and are not trained about safety.
Both my children have been trained in the safe and proper
way to use guns.  The curiosity is gone, and it is relegated
to the level of a tool.  The handgun or rifle is just a tool.  The
user -good or bad- is the weapon.

Third, the criminals have them, and will not give them up.  Why
should the peaceful law-abiding citizens?

Last, to a criminal, a gun free zone is a free fire zone.  Nobody
to stop them till the police get there, however long that takes.
We do not accept that.

Why does your country think that disarming the law-
abiding citizens will stop criminals who are already intent
on violating several other laws.  Will one more stop them?
So far, history shows they will not.  Gun control does not
work.  Not in Great Britain, not in Canada, and not in Australia.
If you can find a copy of a book "More Guns, Less Crime"
by Professor John Lott, perhaps you will see the situation
from a different point of view.  Also, I have copies of how
the laws are progressing in several countries.  Most 
interesting reading.  I will share it if you like.

> Me thinks there is a forked tongue in the Texas woods.

Me thinks there is something wrong when a government, ANY
government, fears armed citizens.  I guess it is the difference
between freedom and tyranny.  At least Mel Gibson understands.

Ham radio and satellites are my hobby.  Shooting is my passion.
I take this banter in a friendly sort of way, and I am willing to
continue.  I have many boring facts, and can send you several
accounts of people using handguns for defense for every one
you can tell me about where the criminals win.  That is, if you
really want the truth.  We have a problem in our country too,
people have made up their minds... don't confuse them with facts.


Lest we get Paul to type the nasty words at us this time, lets
take it off the list.  Anybody wanting to continue E-mail me
direct, I won't reply to anything on the list after this.

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