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Re: Profanity on the list.

Agreed.  It's unnecessarily and inappropriate here.  And in some
sense, it's just plain lazy and slobbish.  There used to be an
art which i'm told only survived today the British Parliment and
the Texas Legislation which is to describe a colleague in as
most despicable manner using the most polite language possible.
I heard one example in our local city council chambers during the
cable hearing (when i was pushing for IP over cable about 10-15
years early), where a board member of a local cable co-op replied
to speculation about their bid by suggesting to the Council that
get it from the horse's mouth rather than the other end of the

So at least be dignified and creative in your use of the English
language for certain purposes.  Save the profanity for especially
deserving pieces of equipment and/or truly awful situations.
I find it's far more effective that way...

                               -- KD6PAG

"Free Speech is the right to yell "theater" in a crowded fire."
   - Yippie! Proverb  [http://www.freespeech.org/yippie/quotes.htm]
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