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Use of TNC2 clones at 38400

Sorry for the bandwidth...

Someone asked me a couple of days ago about what speed you'd need to run a
TNC2 clone at to be able to get 38400bps out of it.

If they'd like to mail me again directly maybe I can help. Operator error at
this end has led me to mislay their original note. My experiments have
indicated that even an 8MHz CPU rate is still just a bit too slow, with the
odd hang.

In the meantime I've slightly modified my documentation on modding the
TNC-NB96 on www.g6lvb.com, in particular altering the schematics to a more
easily printable format, which may be of some use to those bold enough to
try it, or indeed for those who are merely mildly interested.

73 Howard G6LVB

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