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Profanity on the list.

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> Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Sick to death of the Linux vs Windows debate
> Apparently you don't have children.  To think that I shouldn't try 
> to insulate my children from such "free speech" is nothing less 
> than foolish.  Thinking like this is what has ruined public schools 
> and is why I home-school my children.

Ditto.  It is because of abusive language and "permissive" parents
that I also home school my daughter.  She is 14, and will hear
these words soon enough without help.  Fortunately, she is not
interested in satellites, only shooting.  I never thought I would
consider shooters a "better class of people" than satellite operators.
But at least she can read the shooting and reloading lists without
such language.
> No I don't have the right to live my life un-offended but 
> neither do you have the right to be purposefully offensive.

Yell FIRE in a crowded theater and see how far your freedom
gets you.


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