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RE: Sick to death of the Linux vs Windows debate

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> I'm with you Paul. I can't help but get amuzed at
> all those responses you your use of a bad mean
> word.

Some people are very easily amused.

> Some people succumb to emotional distress
> when they here certain bad mean words, and I
> consider that a weakness. It's as if some words
> are actual magic incantations that can hurt people.

Some also consider it a lack of self control, another weakness, to use such
words in what is clearly "mixed company."  If you can't understand this then
you are either short-sighted or a fool.

> If you think you have a right to live un-offended,
> you are confused.

To believe that you have the "right" to say whatever you want whenever you
want is no less than licentious and irresponsible.  These same types of
people, who claim "free speech" gives them the right to say anything at any
time are the same who are the first to be "offended" when certain racial or
sexual-preference epithets are used in their presence or against them.

> If you think you can insulate
> your children from bad mean words, you are naive.

Apparently you don't have children.  To think that I shouldn't try to
insulate my children from such "free speech" is nothing less than foolish.
Thinking like this is what has ruined public schools and is why I
home-school my children.

No I don't have the right to live my life un-offended but neither do you
have the right to be purposefully offensive.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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