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Comoros - D68C DxPedition on AO-10


thanks for the tips on frequency from several people. I'm going to tell them
to use 145.895 downlink for *both* cw and ssb. I have told them about the
3-minute tumble period and what to expect from it. The main operator is a
very proficient cw operator (used to use satellites in the RS-1/2 Days) and 
he catches on fast.

They're leaving this sunday. It'll take them a few days to set up and then
its a three week thrash on *all* bands. They've got IT v1.5 but I was asked 
for visibility times for 10/11/12 Feb which I have supplied. 

Looking at the passes, that weekend has visibility to the eastern half of
the continental US but subsequent weekends have poorer windows so I've 
suggested he starts sooner than that. (Subsequent weekends have better passes
to VK and JA though.) I expect to hear more from them so I'll pass on here
anything else I get. They've got an '847 plus 19-ele on 70cm and 9-ele on 2m
*and* a 2m pre-amp (not sure about a pre-amp for 70cm).

They had been hoping that AO-40 might be "up" but that idea's outa the window
now. Sorry, guys in Africa, but it doesn't look like they'll be on the LEO
birds. Might have a bash at EME too (have tipped off W5UN).

The DxPedition website is <http://www.dxbands.com/comoros/>

BTW no-one noticed the date of my posting was two weeks in the future; sorry
I was at warp-8 for a while checking the passes for 10 Feb. Ooops

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

          So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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