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Re: [aprssig] AOR AR-210 Mini TNC

On Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 12:39:50AM -0500, KB7ADO@aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with this tiny pocket-sized tnc?  I'm wondering 
> if someone has come up with replacement eproms that would make it APRS 
> friendly, either as a tracker or digi tnc.  They came out in the early 90's, 
> before many companies were thinking about adding gps features, and certainly 
> before WIDEn-n came around.  The brochure has this information:
> Processor: Z80A soft compatible Application Specific Integrated Circuit. 
> TMPZ84C015BF-6
> Commands: TAPR TNC-2 up-load compatible
> Modem port: 1200 baud AFSK
> Protocol: AX.25 Level 2 Version 2. Firmware AOR V1.14TE
> I'm curious as to whether an eprom burned with UIDIGI would work, but then I 
> don't know what size eprom it has.  AOR mainly distributed them overseas, and 
> doesn't even show them in current product listings, so it's doubtful they 
> have firmware updates.

I wonder if that is the same TNC as the Heathkit pocket-packet
HK-21/TASCO u-21?  I remember at Dayton in 1991 that ComSpec had a
brochure for a TNC which looked identical to these, but I don't think
they ever actually sold any.  Perhaps TASCO (who I believe supplies the
chips to Kenwood) made them for other manufacturers as well.  If so,
PacComm has an EPROM with APRS features which should work.  I think
these set the baud rate in the firmware, so UIDIGI might not be
compatible.  Is the EPROM in a standard DIP package?


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