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[ANNOUNCE] AO-40 telemetry demodulator DIY kit


I just put up a 400bps BPSK telemetry demodulator as Ptolemy model on my
homepage at


It contains:
- an AGC galaxy
- a carrier recovery and downconverter galaxy (costas-loop design)
- a symbol timing recovery circuit (decision directed ML method)
- a decision feedback equalizer with DD LMS adaptive tap adjustment
- some documentation about how all these modules work and why they
  are needed (26KB text :-) )

This is meant as a "BPSK demodulation in a nutshell" introduction
and should come in handy for those implementing their own telemetry
demodulator software, those planning to do so and the curious rest. ;-)

I.e. you can for example feed it one of the recently recorded S2 telemetry
receptions and watch the effect of the fades at various points in the
design by attaching TkPlot star. Should make a nice learning experience.

I hope you are going to make more out of this then my so-called
Professors here in England (how ILTFP... :-( ).

For those on IRC who already have my old models: This one underwent
radical changes and improvements.
Two sample recordings are included in the archive, thus the 400KB length
and BZ2 compression.

  -- Jens
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