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Re: new sat

Yes it is a good orbit but what about the cost of putting it that far up and ao-40 clones ??? I
was thinking of less costly and easier to get their.... Would it be better to have three or four
smaller birds and a lower altitude or one big bird at a higher altitude with less coverage...

James Sharp wrote:

> > >     I think an interesting orbit would be circular about 30,000 km above the
> > > equator which would be almost "geosync", that is it would appear to move
> > > slowly across the sky at a constant speed and every where on the earth's
> > > surface would have it in view for about 8 or so hours moving slowly west to
> > > east. Every 3 days it would be in that ideal position at that ideal time of
> > > day for several hours. This would apply every place on earth and so would be
> > > a great way to share the satellite.
> That's an excellent orbit.  You get the advantages of high visibility for
> long periods of time, but you don't have to putz around with all the
> station keeping necessary with geosync satellites.  You also gain
> satellite computer systems longevity by not subjecting them to the flaming
> death Van Allen belts twice an orbit in a Molniya type orbit.
>   You could put an AO-40 clone into that orbit from a launch at Kourou with almost no problems
> (assuming my understanding of orbital mechanics is up to snuff).
> Fire it into GTO, fire once to reduce the apogee...fire again to increase
> the perigee.  Stabilize with momentum wheels.
> Of course, there's probably something blatently wrong with this plan that
> I'm overlooking.

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