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Re: new sat

> >     I think an interesting orbit would be circular about 30,000 km above the
> > equator which would be almost "geosync", that is it would appear to move
> > slowly across the sky at a constant speed and every where on the earth's
> > surface would have it in view for about 8 or so hours moving slowly west to
> > east. Every 3 days it would be in that ideal position at that ideal time of
> > day for several hours. This would apply every place on earth and so would be
> > a great way to share the satellite.

That's an excellent orbit.  You get the advantages of high visibility for
long periods of time, but you don't have to putz around with all the
station keeping necessary with geosync satellites.  You also gain
satellite computer systems longevity by not subjecting them to the flaming
death Van Allen belts twice an orbit in a Molniya type orbit.

  You could put an AO-40 clone into that orbit from a launch at Kourou with almost no problems
(assuming my understanding of orbital mechanics is up to snuff).

Fire it into GTO, fire once to reduce the apogee...fire again to increase
the perigee.  Stabilize with momentum wheels.

Of course, there's probably something blatently wrong with this plan that
I'm overlooking.

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