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new sat

I purpose a new satellite with an orbital parameters of:

    1.    Average altitude of 10,000 miles

    2.    5 degrees above the equator in a equatorial orbit this will
give good coverage

    3.    Use the microsat structure for the space frame

    4.    Two transponders one in cold storage for backup.. both of them
in the U/S bands.
            435 up 2.4 down. in the 5 to 10 watt output range

    5.    5 to 6 Dbd gain antennas for both bands

    6.    Solar cells with a high efficiency rating both startup and
long life

    7.    Use the microsat attitude stabilization and control if

Can some one produce keps for this type of orbit ??? and post them... Is
any one interested???

            guy lemke

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