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Re: 2.4 GHz Signal source


Check out http://www.din.or.jp/~m-arai/sband/mod31e.htm  and


The first link is easiest. I hooked the 50 mHz output of my '847 into 
the diode (the link
calls for a 1SS85 diode. I crossed this to a locally-available NTE553 ($0.98)).

This lashup puts out a signal at 2.4gig.

Note: Any small signal diode seems to work, but the NTE seems to "put 
out" more signal.
perhaps because it's rated for UHF.

Note2:  Try not to fry the diode. I put the several-watt '847 output 
into a PL259-type "tee"...
one output of the tee feeds a dummy load. The other output feeds the 
diode through a 2200 ohm resistor.

Note3:  The diode output is fairly weak. I have to put it near the 
Drake / piece-of-wire-for-an-antenna,
to hear the signal.
I hook the Drake output into a scanner set for ~123 mHz and transmit 
with the '847, set to ~50 mHz.
I set the '847 to FM and the scanner to WFM, I speak into the mic, 
and hear my voice on the scanner.
Now, if I could just hear the voice of AO 40 !

To check out my other mast-mounted Drake / Meyers dish, I'm going to 
wire the diode
to a length of RG-59, to put the test signal near the antenna.

>Is there a relatively cheap or easy to construct signal source for 2.4GHz? I
>hooked my DEMI downconverter to the dish antenna today, connected to FT-847.
>Looked where I thought AO-40 should be, didn't hear anything. The thought
>crossed my mind that the downconverter frequency could be shifted.
>So, I am looking for a way to calibrate the downconverter without taking it
>to NASA!
>Don, WB5EKU
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Bill Howell
University of Texas at Austin
College of Fine Arts
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