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Re: The Station Program

Brett, I have been using Station to work the analog birds for several
years. I use it in conjunction with the KCT card, and Yaesu G-5400B It is
without a doubt the best way to work them. WiSP is the best program for
the  digital PACSATS, hand's down. Both these programs are Windows
programs(I had to say that!) . You need to go into config, then create a
full-duplex console mode for each analog bird you want to work. You pick
your starting frequency, simply by working the bird, listining to your
d/l then entering this frequency pair as a starting point. I will help
you further with your problem, off this SIG. Email me at
kb2wqm@amsat.org. I hope this help's.

73 Jeff kb2wqm

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001 16:52:34 +1100 "Brett Dawson"
<brettdawson@primus.com.au> writes:
> All,
> I have begun using 'Station' recently for controlling my radio 
> (FT847), but
> have found that the 'tune' function doesn't seem to work as 
> described in the
> manual.
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