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Re: ICOM 211


I have an IC-211 (actually 2 of them).

Overall it is a nice rig, but it does have a design problem to watch out

There is a PLL board inside that is a 2 layer PC board.  Unfortunately Icom
didn't use plated-through vias to connect the two sides.  Consequently, the
board is subject to solder joints failing, and then the board doesn't work
properly.  While it is possible to open the radio and touch-up the solder
joints, it isn't fun to do very often.  The IC-245 (an old 2 meter SSB
capable mobile of the same era) used this same board and is subject to the
same problems.

I would suggest using an external power supply.  The internal power supply
is a linear one, and heats the rig up pretty well.  Turning it on and off
could, over a period of time, make the above solder joint problem worse with
everything expanding and contracting repeatedly.  An external power supply
should help.  (Or leave it running 24 hours a day...)

One bonus to the IC-211 (and it's replacement the IC-251) is that the PA
stage can easily be disabled.  Take off the top cover and a there is a molex
connector with a jumper.  Removing this disables the PA stages and you have
milliwatts output.  Perfect for running transverters, or not blowing up


Marc - N8KWX

on 1/27/01 7:34 PM, Don DeGregori at don1mh@loop.com wrote:

> Thanks to all, so far, who have responded about the ICOM 211, both plus
> and minus. This BB is sure great.  Here is the deal:  I'm going to trade
> an older reel-to-reel Sony tape recorder for it. The ham I'm trading
> with, collects and repairs all sorts of gear like that. I happened to
> mention to him that I don't currently have a VHF all mode rig. He said
> he has an IC-211 in the closet. "Used it years ago, and not a scratch on
> it". Then I mentioned the Sony, I don't use anymore. And he said, "Lets
> trade". So, we're going to. Anyway, the 211 should give me a go at
> receiving Mode S (with a downconverter) from some bird up there,
> especially AO-40. Used to work AO-13 with a kludge setup. Down:  ARR 2
> meter preamp, ARR 144/28 converter, Kenwood R-600 SW receiver. UP:  Icom
> 735 into a DEM 28/440 transverter kit. Antennas were HyGain crossed
> yagi's. So, anything above those frequencies will be new to me!
> Don...W6RWN
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