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HELP with winAPRS

Hi folks,

This is a little off the main topic for Amsat-bb, but I expect there may be
a few experienced with winAPRS out there that may be a able to help me [via
direct e-mail].

I have been struggling to get winAPRS to display a GPS stations on the map.
  I get the GPS data packet to show at the bottom of the map screen without
problem, but the station does not show on the map.  My own station does
show on the map.  Also, I get the other station to show on the various
lists from the list menu.  I have spend tons of hours [over several months]
trying everything and pouring over the 81 page winAPRS document to no avail.

I'm running a Kantronics KPC-3 to a 133 MHz Pentium laptop.  I have had
poor luck in getting support from the sw writers.  I have paid for the
commercial sw license, even.  Still waiting for the registration number.
Very frustrating!!!

Anyone willing to try helping?  I'll bet it is simple...but it has eluded me.


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