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Re: ICOM 211

>From: Don DeGregori <don1mh@loop.com>
>Has anyone used the ICOM 211 (2 meters/all mode) as a satellite
>receiver? I know it is not the latest and greatest, but have the
>opprotunity to obtain one. I think in it's day it was considered top
>notch, and sold for $850. Any input appreciated.


I bought my IC-211 back in 1976, brand new from Henry Radio In LA {where I
then lived], and used it in the mid-80's on AO-10 to work 38 states and
over 50 countries using cushcraft antennas [20T and 416] with a ARR preamp
and a Microwave-modules 432 xvtr which never got over 4w output [it drove a
10/50w PA to produce 20w].  In those days when I lived in the Alaska "bush"
and ran with a battery and an armstrong az-el rotator, I found the 211
quite usable.  I sold mine in 1987 for $150.  {at the time the theme was:
sell radios for groceries!}

Current station:  FT-847, FT-817
eme planned for 144-1296-10368
sat planned for modes A, V, U, L, S, and X

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