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Re: While we're on the subject of non-PC users .. ;-)

John / NS1Z wrote:
> You're right, but! If Linux were easier to use, it would be more popular.
> Most anyone can get a program to work with Windoze but from what I have seen
> on the Linux newsgroups, hardly anyone gets Linux installed without
> difficulty, let alone get their programs to run smoothly. Why is this, I
> wonder???

Ahh here we go again :^P 
Linux at this point in time is the easiest to install that it has ever been ,
ok, let me qualify that , Linux Mandrake is the easiest to install of all the
Linux distro's , and what you see on the newsgroups is just that , people having
trouble , there are many-many more  folks ( like me ) who are using linux on a
day to day basis are not having any trouble and to clarify some previous
postings of mine , it has not taken me years to be able to use Linux , it has
taken me years to feel like admitting that I know something about it , I for one
will not just come out and say that I am an "expert" on something just because I
can cut and paste in "word" , if you get my drift .

So bottom line is , if your not lazy then whats your problem ? , have you tried
Linux ( I do recommend Mandrake for those that are afraid of Linux ) , it
doesn't sound like it , or you tried an old distro that didn't live up to your
expectations of being a -no-brainer- install ( yes unfortunately you -do- need
to know a little bit about computers to actually make it work , heaven forbid )
and for some that just isn't gonna cut it I suppose , but as one person who
works for a company that is designing software to control amateur radios
recently told me :
" Dxtra can't do it all, our question to you is "where have the interfacing
skills of hams gone to?"."

This was his question to me when I sent them a email asking them to come up with
a Linux version of their radio control software ....

> Yes, Linux can be more flexible (so they say....) but one has to put in
> years of study to achieve that flexibility. Or maybe there is something
> obvious that I am missing....??

Yes it is very flexible ( read some of the previous postings of Phil Karn and
others , it will do what you want it to ) ....

And yes I think there is something obvious that you are missing and that is you
haven't used it on a daily basis , how you can even think of being an adept at
something without learning it is beyond me , if linux were just like windows
then what would be the point ? 
Of course it is different , but that difference is just what makes it desirable
to many folks ( just like myself ) , so again I say to all those that may have
tried an old distro that rubbed them the wrong way , go out to linuxmall or
cheapbytes and buy a $1.39 cd of mandrake linux 7.2 and realize how easy it can
be to set it up ,or if you have a fast internet connection then download the ISO
image for free and burn your own CD's , sheesh what do you want? ,  me to come
over and do it for you too?

Well if thats the case there are alot of LinuxUsersGroups (LUG's) that do what
is called "install fests" where those who know share their knowledge and help
you get your linux running , geeze sounds alot like elmering to me( where has
that gone in the amateur world ? ) , and if you do live in my area I would be
more than happy to come over to your place and help install and make it work for
you , in fact I have been giving away cd's to kids locally and helping them get
it up and running for them , and some of them have started to write programs for
amateur applications , these young kids just soak this stuff up :)

Now I wonder if they could have done that for free with all the Micro$oft stuff
..... NOT !

Ok , I take my sales mans cap off now ;^))

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
"never go to bed angry , or on fire "
Gomez : the Addams Family.....
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