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While we're on the subject of non-PC users .. ;-)

Comments on Linux have given me the perfect opening to air a gripe.  ;-)

<rant mode=raving>
I have noticed that the ham radio community, with the exception of 
the Linux faithful, tends by and large to be a Windows-only club. 
ARRL doesn't help this much -- I can't use any of their CD's because 
they require Win95+, and have yet to see anything in their catalog 
for anything *but* Windows -- but a lot of the other organizations 
also seem to think that releasing Windows-only media is good enough 
for all of us.

I know Macs aren't that popular, but there are people on the air that 
prefer them -- and no flames for my OS or hardware of choice, please, 
I have to use an NT4 workstation at my morning job and can't stand 
the thing -- and so far the only software I've been able to find has 
been Multimode, which admittedly does a very nice job at PSK31, but 
it's small consolation for not being able to use any of the ARRL CD 
products or the HamCall or Callbook CD's.  We may not have PC's, but 
we do have computers ..</rant>

Thanks for the time on the soapbox .. just my $.02 ..

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