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Drake 2880's

Hi Everyone,

I just got home and there were 200+ messages in my box, most of them
about the Drakes. There's no way for me to answer all of them directly.
(I've been trying) Here's an update for you:

My order is in Anchorage, AK at this time according to the FedEx
tracking information. My guess is it's waiting for Customs clearance and
the duty assessment before it heads out for the final leg. I'm hoping
for at least 100 units on this shipment but there is no confirmation of
the number yet. (Millicom confirmed the shipment but not the number of
units shipped) From what I understand, FedEx will collect both Import
Taxes and Broker Fees at the time of delivery so I still don't have a
hard number. When I have it, I'll post the price. (I gave up trying to
get an answer from Customs) When I see a big box in my office (hopefully
Monday or Tuesday) I'll post a URL for orders on the AMSAT-BB. 

Sorry that I haven't been able to "take orders" yet. You have to
understand that I don't want to get 250 orders if I only get 100 units.
Dealing with refunds etc., just wouldn't be any fun. I'm doing my best
to keep everyone happy and be fair at the same time. 

Best wishes, 

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