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Re: AO-40 attitude determination

David Reinhart wrote:

> Not long after launch I remember reading that the command team used the
> YACE package to help determine the attitude of the space craft.  Does
> anybody know if YACE survived the "event"?  If it has, is there any
> chance it might be used to help determine the s/c attitude?

Given the sparse nature of the downlink, I doubt the bandwidth is available for
image transmission. Last word I recall from the command team was "Karl Meinzer
DJ4ZC is developing a new de-spinner software algorithm, which does not use the
Sun sensor information. It will be tested in the next week and will than be used
to reduce the spin and move to better spacecraft attitude...". More detailed
status is at the AMSAT-NA site  http://www.uk.amsat.org/phase3d.htm

The AMSAT-DL site also has a nice diagram explaining the orbital situation:


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