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DEM downconverter

Do not despair, all is not lost.

We have an order in to Down East Microwave:
http://www.downeastmicrowave.com  for their 2400RX
downconverter. They are now starting to produce the weather
tight unit with first shipment expected around 1 Feb. The
web site indicates a >20dB gain but we expect it to be
closer to 23 dB.. Price is around $200 assembled and tested.
A kit will also be available.

On a related note, I received our local Balt/Wash order of
10 parabolic dish antennas from Philips:
http://www.phillips-tech.com/main.asp?page=page6.asp  They
look very nice. Grills are painted gray -- all joints look
solid. Stainless steel hardware. Sealed dipole assembly. All
10 came in one box allowing us to share the cost of
shipping. The grill is separate from the dipole assembly and
the bag o' parts. Takes about 5 minutes to assemble. The
quantity of 10 cost $55 each -- vice $90 for quantity 1 --
and the shipping was still only $45 -- vice $38 for one.
Total for each unit: $49.50. A very nice cost savings

We're now waiting on the DEM downconverters before we can
start testing.

Art, N3OY

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