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Re:buying the Drake 2880 Downconverter

"Rupert E. Lubkemeier" <rlubkemeier@earthlink.net>

>There is no reason why the shop in Japan can't accept an MO or a credit
card. It's as
>good as CASH.

The thing you must understand is that the Japanese are very high cash users.
On my trip to JA last OCT I couldn't use my credit card anywhere except at
hotels to pay for a room, luckly I had taken lots of cash with me so I
wasn't caught out, and I could do cash advances at ATMs.  It depends on that
society and what their banks are willing to promote.  My father-in-law (my
XYL is from MD) was amazed at how easy and quick it was in VK to use a
credit card, as our banks have different rules and laws than in the US (i.e.
the card belongs to the bank and any fruad on that card is the banks'
problems).  So please don't jump up and down about how other countries
handle financial transactions.

Shitsura Shimasu.
--VK2DAG-- QF56pn
Matt Hetherington

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